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Important Yoga asanas Performed in Yoga Centers Singapore

Asana is nothing but a posture. This is not only a physical movement of the body in one direction, it will focus on breath too. Sitting in the right posture gives the benefit of that asana. Among different poses taught to you in the online yoga school singapore, some of the important yoga asanas are.

Vajrasana: In this asana, feet have to be kept on the laps. For beginners, it is difficult to perform but gradually they can do it. This posture helps in strengthening the muscles of the legs and for digestion.

Padmasana: This is the commonly used asana. One can sit in this asana for a long time. Even meditation can de done with this asana. It will help strengthen your legs, spine and improve digestion.

Vrikshasana: This is a standing pose that looks like a tree. In this pose, the body has to be balanced with one leg bent and kept on the other leg thigh. It helps in strengthening the legs-, spine and improves concentration. This pose is good for people who have sciatica.

Bhujangasan: In this asana, the body has to lie down on the stomach and chest and the head has to be raised. This will help strengthen the back, shoulder, and chest. With regular practice, this asana will help people with back pain.

Shavasana: This asana is a very easy asana, where the body is laid down on the back. Hands and legs are kept freely. This asana is usually done at the end of the yoga. It relaxes your body and relieves stress.