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Why Select Metal 3D Printing Process?

Metal 3D is a new technology that combines design flexibility of the 3D Printing with mechanical properties of the metal. Right from tooling inserts and cooling channels to the lightweight structures, any application involving complex metal components potentially benefits from the metal 3d printing.

Actually, evolution is highly significant that these days there are many options to the 3D print metal parts. Nevertheless, engineers, product owners and designers that are interested in implementing such manufacturing method in the production process have some doubts or questions about the same.

What are the Benefits of 3D Printing?

The production process provides various advantages when compared to the traditional manufacturing ways. These benefits include one related to the design, cost and time, amongst many more.

Fast Prototyping

The 3D printing will manufacture various parts within hours that speed up its prototyping process. It allows for every stage to complete much faster. Compared to the machining prototypes, the 3D printing is quicker and inexpensive in creating parts as a part will be finished within hours, and allowing for every design modification to get done at an efficient rate.

New Design Approach

Looking at the metal parts from the designer perspective, the 3D printing technologies generally allow for production of the unique & complex structures. Some elements that cannot be casted have to get added to element in the post-production.

Strong & Lightweight Parts

Main 3D material used is the plastic, though some metals also can be used for the 3D printing. But, plastics offer several benefits since they are much lighter than the metal equivalents. It is very important in industries like aerospace and automotive where light weighting is one big issue and will deliver better fuel efficiency. Also, the parts can be made from the tailored materials that will provide the specific properties like higher strength, heat resistance, and water repellency.